ECO KIDS girls

This programme is for children 12 years and under, children 6 and under to be accompanied by an adult.

Each month a different topic is chosen. Great fun is had as the Eco Kids discover the “treasures” of the world in an interactive and demonstrative way.

Every month there is a get together with different fun topics and themes. Read on below to find out this months outing details.



Eco Kids


Love your world, love a tree.
Love a flower, love a bee.
Love the moon up in the sky.
Love a bird that flies so high.
Love the seasons, love the sun.
Love yourself and everyone!

Nature’s beauty is for all to share.
Respect your world and show you care.
This world is a work of art.
Be sure to love it with all your heart.

Membership rates

  1. R 350 Family Membership of Kromme Enviro Trust – Eco Kids Outing Fee R 30 per Child
  2. Non Members of Kromme Enviro Trust – Eco Kids Outing Fee R 65 per Child


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Eco-kids Cap, Eco-kids Badge, Certificate of Membership


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The St Francis Five

The Kromme Enviro-Trust came up with the St Francis Five, chosen for their uniqueness to the area and their accessibility for all to see:

Cape Clawless Otter

Mammal – Cape Clawless Otter


Marine – Loligo reynaudii, commonly known as the Cape Hope squid

Gregarious Candelabra flower

Flower – Brunsvigia Gregaria commonly known as the Candelabra Flower

Eastern Cape Dwarf Chameleon

Reptile – Eastern Cape Dwarf Chameleon

African Black Oyster Catcher

Bird – African Oyster Catcher


frogs5 frogs6 frogs7 frogs14 frogs15

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