heritage1In 1971 the NSRI Station 21 was established in St Francis Bay. Their boat house was built at Granny’s Pool and in 1997 they moved once again on to their current locatioon at Port St Francis.

The local municipality then granted the St Francis Kromme Enviro-Trust permission to convert the old boathouse into the Heritage Centre.

The Heritage Centre started as a museum housing displays depicting the history, flora, fauna etc of the Greater St Francis area.

Today it continues to perform the function of a museum but it also serves as an environmental classroom which is used regularly.

The Centre is currently not open to the public unless by appointment.

HeritageVisitors are invited to explore the MUSEUM which depicts the natural wonders of the greater St Francis area. Exhibits whet the appetite for further exploration of the area.

Fascinating details enlighten the visitors on the Chokka rich waters of the area, local marine rescue and rehabilitation facility, and beach restoration project complete with aerial photos.

Shells collected in the vicinity have been identified, labelled and mounted. Underneath this display is a touch table which is very popular with the younger visitors for a “hands on” experience.

The history of the Village is well documented and new displays reflect current matters of interest.

Godfried caryl HCThe dynamics of the Oyster Bay dunefield and the changes that have taken place within this landscape are covered in a series of fascinating aerial photographs with accompanying explanations.

There is also a wealth of information on dolphins, whales, frogs, birds and many more topics.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of Caryl Logie and Godfried Potgieter of the Fourcade Botanical Group, a spectacular display of indigenous wild flowering plants is exhibited in the foyer throughout the year. A walk in the Community Garden just a stone’s throw away will be all the more enriched with your new botanical knowledge.