What a privilege and fun it was to participate in the International Coastal Cleanup day which was held in Cape St Francis on Sunday 17 September.

Top 10 items collected:

  1. Plastic Pieces – 2458
  2. Glass Pieces – 1872
  3. Straws – 154
  4. Bottle Caps – 477
  5. Plastic Bottles – 283
  6. Toothbrushes – 12
  7. Cigarette Lighters – 54
  8. Rope – 181 meters
  9. Fishing Line 142 meters
  10. Plastic bags – 396

The strange items found:

  1. Bicycle Seat
  2. Toilet Seat with lid attached
  3. Penguin ( Alive)
  4. Common Duiker (Dead in Rock Pool)
  5. Parrot Fish – Dried but still perfect shape and in tact
  6. Pack of Savoury Crackers
  7. Full Perfume Bottle
  8. Boat Paddle
  9. Slip Slop covered in Barnacle Muscles
  10. Fan Belt

All the data is sent off to Ocean Conservancy #TrashFreeSeas so we will make our mark in the world!

We would like to thank everybody that turned up to support the cause. Having so many eco-kids was wonderful, and gave us an opportunity to drive home some important messages which they will hopefully adopt and entrench in their lives thus making a difference in the world going forward.

Special thanks to all our sponsors. Without the support of the following special people and organisations pulling a day off like that would not be possible:

  • Chio Kraak and RVCA – The Store
  • Viking Bakery
  • Woodlands Dairy
  • Pizza @ 167
  • The Butcher Shop
  • Cape St Francis Resort
  • Synergy Audio
  • St Francis Blue Bottle Liquor Store
  • Farmer Pietie Ferreira
  • Just Water
  • Seal Point Estates
  • Quaysyde
  • St Francis Brewery
  • SA Plastics
  • Pick ń Pay
  • Boardriders Association Cape St Francis

Special thanks to

  • Mandy McGregor for first aid station
  • John Suckling for being part of the team and LOTS of hard work
  • Cathryn Hempel for bringing the Talhado team
  • Sea Cadets
  • Jal Rijgaard for his assistance