Cape St Francis Nature Reserves

There are trails within all the Cape St Francis nature reserves, some winding through the fynbos and some along the sandy or rocky shores.  FOSTER maintains all these reserves and the trails: click through to their maps of each of the trails below:

Cape St Francis Nature Reserve: trails winding through the green belt between Santareme and Cape St Francis can be accessed from St Francis Bay via a couple of points on St Francis Drive. The coastal trail around Shark Point is accessed from a parking area at the very end of St Francis Drive. Access from Cape St Francis is from the beach or from Shearwater Drive.

Seal Bay Nature Reserve: protects a stretch of coastal vegetation between the beach and Cape St Francis homes.  Seal Bay trails are accessed from three points along da Gama Road and from a cul-de-sac off Shearwater Drive.

Irma Booysen Nature Reserve: a network of trails through the fynbos of the Irma Booysen Reserve, accessed from points along Hope Crescent, da Gama Road, Birkenhead Ave and Diaz Crescent in Cape St Francis

Seal Point Nature Reserve:  this reserve embraces the lighthouse and the rocky coast around Seal Point. Access it from Sunset Rock parking or Seal Point parking.