The Fourcade Botanical Group, named after renowned local botanist Henry Fourcade (1865-1948), was formed to increase the awareness of the unique floral heritage of the area for both children and adults. In addition, by way of its involvement with CREW (Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers), a SA National Biodiversity initiative, the group undertakes investigative programmes to record plants and their habitats. This research provides vital information for botanists and ecologists, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding development.

The Fourcade Botanical Group also assists with biodiversity assessments on sites being reviewed for possible protected status.   Pictured here are some of the plants found on the Duyneplaas site when it was being assessed. 

Monthly ramble open to the public

In carrying out their various activities members of the group also simply enjoy time spent in our fascinating natural environment.

On the last Friday of each month the Fourcade Botanical Group leads a ramble. Members of the public are welcome to join in the walk: contact Caryl Logie 083 529-5410 or Margie Middleton 083 658-3472 to check the 9:30 a.m. meeting point.   It is usually outside the entrance to the St Francis Bay Golf course in Lyme Road (South) but could be in Cape St Francis or on St Francis Links.

Armed with a list of flowering indigenous plants the group heads off for an interesting morning. There are a number of reserves in the area as well as farms and each month the group goes to a different location.

Pictured is Margie leading a ramble on the airpark.