1976   The Cape Province took over administration of St Francis Bay, via the Humansdorp Divisional Council

1978   Humansdorp Divisional Council took over administration of Cape St Francis

1980   Major development of the area had begun, with potential for negative environmental impact

1981   St Francis Kromme Trust established under chairmanship of Lindy Pagden, with a specific focus on the river and the estuary, as well as the coast from the Kromme to Thysbaai.   Concerns were:

  • beach erosion
  • siltation of the Kromme
  • the Sand River
  • alien vegetation
  • uncontrolled developments

1980s   Chairman John Kettlewell 1982 to 1984, Lindy Pagden 1985 to 1993.   

Legal action taken to prevent development on the coastal strip between Romazini Valley and the Port: Two Harbours walk established

1994-1995   Chairman John Kettlewell

1985   Colin Hall established Community Garden on public open space: St F Kromme Trust took over in 2000

1985    Our Coastal Treasure first published

1990s   NSRI building (now the Heritage Centre) constructed by Leighton Hulett

            Chairman: 1996 Bart Klopper, 1997 Dieter Woerner

1997    NSRI moved to the Port, St F Kromme Trust paid for alterations to the boathouse and leased the building from the council

1998-2000   Chairman Alan Jones

2001    Lookout point created.   Our Coastal Treasure second edition

2001-2007   Chairman Hilton Thorpe

2006    The Monument Around Us published

2008    Chairman Emlyn Horne

2009-2014   Chairman Chris Barratt

2011    Our Coastal Treasure third edition.  Website created.

2015    Chairman Hilton Thorpe.   St Francis Kromme Trust registered as Public Benefit Organisation. Eco Kids programme introduced

2015    Establishment of the Greater Kromme Stewardship initiative in association with five local wind farms

2016    Chairman Maggie Langlands. Adoption of new name: Kromme Enviro-Trust (St Francis)

2017-2021  Chairman Warren Manser

2019    Establishment of Our Ocean Museum and Bruce’s Ocean Café in Heritage Centre

2021    Establishment of Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary