The Monument Around Us

This book was penned by an old-established member of the community , Robin Simpson, whose association with St Francis goes back to 1955.

Robin Simpson’s story of the Hulett family and the development of St Francis Bay makes compelling reading. He captures the essence of those early days – the excitement, the difficulties, the ups and downs, the daunting tasks facing them, and the frequent contretemps with the authorities of the time.

Robin’s eloquent turn of phrase and conversational style makes easy reading and covers the background of this pioneering family from prior to their arrival in this pristine paradise, through the times of triumph as well as the difficult years, to modern day with its many attributes and amenities.

As the story unfolds, you meet many characters encountered by the family, each one of whom played a part in the tapestry of the unfolding saga. Robin brings them to life, and especially the larger than life character of Leighton Hulett himself and his wife Ann, his guiding spirit and right hand.

Many interesting facets of their life are revealed with a sense of humour and compassion. Anyone associated with St Francis Bay will enjoy this highly readable piece of Africana.

The excellent photographs are from the family’s archives.

The Enviro-Trust is responsible for the marketing and copies are available at Bruce’s Ocean Cafe.