Si Cunneen

Alex Gotte

Lead Project,  PR and Social Media, Clean-Ups
Ward Committee,  Plot Clearing,  Website and Membership


Truus Hedding

Museum, Eco-Kids Co-ordinator


Anika Meyer
Peter de Wet
Stella Plantinga

John Hay
Andrew Morris
Glynn Potts
Pat Shamley
Andrew Barton
Maggie Langlands
Truus Hedding
Mandy Cromarty
Ken McGregor
Sandra Galer
Sara-Jane Fouche
Marion Burger

Offshore Environmental Impacts
Renewable Energy, GKS
Bush and Plot clearing and Erf 554, Environmental Officer (de facto)
Environmental advice and general
Wildlife Sanctuary and general
Community Garden
Public Officer
Renewable Energy, GKS, EIAs, GKP
Wildlife Sanctuary
Two Harbours Walk  and Engineering Advice
Membership Liaison and book sales, Eco-Kids Co-ordinator
Presentation Co-ordinator
Design and Social Media