Annual coastal clean-up day takes place on the third Saturday in September.   It is a global initiative that we are proud to be a part of.   Volunteers around the world have participated in the day’s efforts since 1986, cleaning up litter and debris around the coast lines and recording the items collected.   In SA the initiative is co-ordinated by Plastics SA in conjunction with the Oceans Conservancy.   Thousands of volunteers show up across the country’s coastal areas, including our own, and set out to sweep the landscape clean of anything that should not be there.   The Enviro-Trust co-ordinates the event here in greater St Francis, issuing bags and gloves to dozens of enthusiastic participants and recording the items brought in.   The municipality collects the full bags, usually over 200 of them, as well as larger items like drums and boat wreckage.

Apart from September’s big event, we host smaller clean-ups from time to time as the need arises.   Not all the clean-ups are coastal – the veld and thicket areas require attention from time to time.   Check our Facebook page regularly for news of clean-ups and other environmental events.