Kromme River Walk

This pretty 2km walk can be accessed from two points on Sunset Drive.   One is a grassy path opposite the junction with Harley Street and is signposted with the usual hiking sign.  The other is further west and less conspicuous: it is at the end of the river front houses, under a street lamp.

If the tide is out you can make an (almost) circular walk out of it.    Turn right at the end of the path and walk along the edge of the river front properties.   Please stick to the path and respect people’s privacy as much as possible.    The path will take you all the way to the Cove.

Turn back along the same path and, when you can, walk down onto the sandy river bank and walk towards the bridge.    When you are more or less level with the end house, you will see a sandy path heading towards it.   This will take you back to the path along the property edges.   If you started here, a few more steps takes you back to the beginning.   If you started opposite Harley Street, turn left and walk along the the property edges until you see the grassy path you came in on.