The Ocean Museum is situated in the Heritage Centre at the bottom of Harbour Road at Granny’s Pool and is a project of the Enviro-Trust.

The building originally housed the NSRI operational centre and launch site of the rescue boat and is situated in one of the most beautiful spots St Francis Bay has to offer, overlooking the bay and Bruce’s Beauties.

The museum shares space with Bruces Ocean Museum Cafe which in a short period of time has become legendary for its local hospitality to all who stopover, from first time visitors to the greater St Francis area to the regulars, surfers who ride the famous waves and families who visit the beach and swim off the slipway . 

The museum concentrates on the biodiversity found in the ocean and on the local shoreline. There are displays on penguins, fish, dolphins and whales, some highlighting related environmental issues. The local Chokka industry and some other topics are documented on a digital screen. A sea water tank displays some of the smaller creatures that live in the shallow water near the coastline. 

When the museum is not open, you will still find lots of interest on the information boards outside or you can just contemplate the vastness of the ocean environment whilst resting on the benches in front of the museum. 

The word museum is derived from the Greek word mouseion, a term that can be translated as “the seat of the muses”. Muses are understood to inspire us in areas of Arts and Sciences. In ancient Greece, mouseions were places to meet and share knowledge. 

We see the role of our Ocean Museum as that of the mouseions of Greek times; a meeting place that informs. We strive to create an awareness which will inspire visitors to rethink their own responsibilities in the local and global environment. A cup of good coffee can be enjoyed at the same time! 

The displays will be adjusted and added to on a regular basis to introduce new topics and to stimulate discussions. The Enviro-Trust encourages participation in this and invites you to contribute photos, videos, knowledge, history etc. 

Opening times for the Ocean Museum coincide with those of the coffee shop.