Port St Francis to Shark Point

Park at the Port and walk across Triton Avenue.   There is a door in the roadside wall, which opens onto a coastal path running south past the Otters Retreat properties.

Follow the path along the coastline past all the seafront properties until you reach the vegetation of Cape St Francis Nature Reserve, and keep on walking.   You will pass a steep sandy stretch of dune bypass: this takes you to the Cape St Francis beach if you feel like adding in a bit of extra distance.

Alternatively, keep on along the coastal path to the trig beacon at Shark Point.   This is just over 2km from the Port.   You can turn back, or you can continue round the point to Cape St Francis beach, another 1.5km.    Turn right onto the dune bypass and rejoin the coastal path after traversing the dune, which is just over half a km.

The out-and-back walk from Port to trig beacon is about 4km and the beach loop adds about another kilometre.