The Two Harbours Walk allows residents and holiday makers access to the outstandingly attractive section of shoreline along the bay of St Francis.

In 2000 the municipality granted the Enviro-Trust permission to create this trail on public open space provided that we take responsibility for maintaining the walk.    A tireless team of volunteers carries out this task with  energy and enthusiasm.   If you would like to join the team, contact us.

The walk connects the old NSRI harbour at Granny’s Pool with the harbour at the Port.    For a detailed explanation of how to access the walk, click here for our Walks section.

We have made the walk as accessible as possible while retaining its natural form.   For those less footsure, a walking stick will be helpful.

What to look out for:

The views are spectacular as one looks over the bay towards the mountains in the distance.

Look into the rocky pools for Cape Clawless Otter and onto the spray-soaked rocks for African Black Oystercatcher, Kelp Gull, Reed Cormorant or White-breasted Cormorant.

Look above the waves for Cape Gannet in flight, and into the water for Humpback, Common and Bottlenose dolphins.

The most common whales to be seen are Humpback and Southern Right during the months from July to November.

For more information please contact [email protected]