Two Harbours Walk

A relatively easy walk of just over 2km along a lovely stretch of coastline, via rocks and beach and sandy paths.   The trail, created by the Enviro-Trust in 2000, is a joint venture between us and the Kouga Municipality,  and we are responsible for maintaining it.

The trail links the Port harbour to the old NSRI harbour at Granny’s Pool.    If you want to walk only one way, park one vehicle in the Port car park and one at Bruce’s.

Port to Granny’s

  • Go down the steps left of Mauro’s restaurant
  • Start at walkway sign on the lower level at the opposite end from the NSRI boathouse
  • Take the walkway on the edge of the deck round the side of the leisure craft harbour
  • Past the first ramp and up the last ramp into the Upper Deck section of the residential area
  • Turn right past the garages, follow the arrow labelled Leighton Hulett Drive and head for the sea
  • Cross the grass, leave the little beach to your right, and you will see the sign marking the beginning of the Two Harbours walk. Follow the path where coastal vegetation meets rocky shore: signs and arrows direct you all the way to the finish at Granny’s Pool and Bruce’s Ocean Café.   Watch out for cyclists on the last 300m.

Granny’s to Port

  • Start in Bruce’s car park
  • Follow the path down the slope into the grassy braai area
  • Cross the grass and take the sand steps up to Harbour Road
  • Cross the road and go down the sand steps into the Community Garden
  • Watch out for cyclists coming from behind for the first 300m
  • Follow the signs and arrows all the way to the finish
  • At the Port, cross the grass to the paved road. Turn left past Spinnaker and head for the Upper Deck sign: as you get closer you will see the ramp to the walkway on your left.   Follow the walkway round the leisure craft harbour.


Other places to access the walk

  • Tom Brown Boulevard, at the Coriander Crescent intersection
  • Esmeralda Road parking, near Sardinia Road intersection
  • Carlos de Wolpe Road parking, near Esmaralda Road intersection

Puerto Cuervo Road parking