Birding in the greater St Francis area

The St Francis area lies in the Eastern Cape transition zone between the winter rainfall region of the Western Cape and the summer rainfall sub-tropical regions of the east. This is where Fynbos plant biomes meet with farmlands and coastal bush. Add to this the rocky shores and beaches, and the estuary of the Kromme River, and one can see the wide variety of habitats that are available to birds and to the people who like to watch them.

Both the Kromme River estuary and Cape St Francis are regarded as birding hotspots on Cornell University’s eBird website.

Each habitat tends to attract its own unique mix of bird species, some of which will only be seen in one particular season as they leave our shores when the season changes.

Click on one of the following links to be introduced to the remarkable variety of birds you can find in each of the specific areas.

Bird Identification

The above descriptions are intended as a brief guide and introduction to the birds of this area. For a more comprehensive list and more in-depth descriptions of the birds we recommend that you consult one of the excellent bird identification books or Apps available. A complete list of birds regularly seen in the greater St Francis area is available on this website.

Remember, birds fly – expect the unexpected!

All photos used in this article are generously supplied by members of the St Francis Bay Bird Club with a special thank you to Barry and Marlene Bell, Greg Darling, Wessel Rossouw, Andrew Siebörger, Colleen Smith, Inéz Rossouw and Pieter Venter.