Cape St Francis (North of Cape St Francis Beach) and Seal Point (near the lighthouse)

These rocky promontories allow you to visit the edge of the ocean.

Here you can observe birds connected to the marine environment.

Also look out for Kelp gulls and African Black Oystercatchers. Click here for Sandbanks in the Kromme River Estuary 

Flocks of gannets and terns dive for fish whilst other birds rest on the rocks.

Sometimes these are birds from faraway places, blown off-course, and not normally found on our shores. Visitors come from far and wide to see these vagrants.

Raptors also make their appearance from time to time. Look out for these birds swooping over the bush and rocks.

Pelagic birds are birds which live over the open ocean away from land.

Contact St Francis Tourism to find a boat operator to take you out to sea for a pelagic birdwatching expedition.